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This classic number takes you into a fantasy. Sirène will enrapture you with her angelic fan dancing and and enthrall you with her aerial performance on her carousel horse Azlyn.


This sultry queen of the jungle will entrance you with her glamorous dance, entwined with luxurious palm leaf fans and aerial silk performance. this show drips with Enchantment hence the name. It is the perfect show to really wow your guests.

Video Coming Soon

Sultry Showgirl

A classic Showgirl act through and through  This act includes fire and Lady Sirène in a champagne bowl. 

Femme Fatale

Danger and seduction come together to give your guests a tantalizing treat. This act includes fire.

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Burlesque Noir

This Sultry number takes a classic bump and grind and blends it with a delightful UV surprise.

(This is a great act to choose if your venue can get the stage completely dark).

Cooking Delight

This number brings  together with 1 cup playfull,, 1 cup desirable, 1/2 cup sensual and a 1/4 cup naughty  to give you one delectable dish..

All Those Pearls

A classic balloon pop number with a fun pearlized twist.

Video Coming Soon


Classic audio remixed for modern day, This act includes a fire show (fire fleshing and fire fan dance).

Video Coming Soon

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