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Lady Sirene Burlesque Femme Fatale
Lady Sirene Burlesque Femme Fatale

Hello, I am Lady Sirène, pull up a seat with maybe a little something to drink and enjoy my story of how I became the performer I am today.

It has been quite the adventure from where I came from to where I am now.
Growing up in a small town in Northern Michigan, I was always quiet and thought of as the “shy girl”.  But I knew one day I would be in front of bright lights on stage.

In my teenage years I danced as a go-go dancer for a 311 cover band. Then, at the age of eighteen I decided to try working in a lingerie club. This gave me a chance to create shows and get a feel for entertaining an audience. As soon as I turned twenty one I started traveling to Las Vegas which gave me the opportunity to not only dance in different places, but to experience different stage performances. I was so fascinated by the amazing productions and glamorous costumes. I knew at that point it was possible to turn what I was doing into a serious career.

A burlesque troupe was created in my hometown, I auditioned and was accepted.  I felt like I had found a place, I finally was able to create the shows I imagined in my mind and bring them to the stage. During this time I studied as much as I could about the history burlesque. I traveled to events to learn from other established performers and burlesque legends whenever I had the opportunity.

In November of 2011 I resigned from that troupe and created my own Burlesque Revue. This gave me a chance to produce and perform in shows that were truly influenced by the Classic Traits and tease of Burlesque. Bringing together many styles of dance, slapstick comedy, interlaced with Fire performance, Aerial artistry.

In March of 2013 I decide to compete in a competition to become a Feature Entertainer. I performed multiple Classically inspired burlesque acts. At the end of the three-day competition I won the contest! I received the award of  'Best Overall Performance' along with two mini titles. This was my start of touring the country as a Feature Entertainer.

My feature  performances are an enticing mix of glamour, sensuality and tease combined with aerial artistry and fire play. My goal with these shows is to bring elegance and glamour back into the clubs.

Since then my burlesque career has gone on to be very successful, I have won multiple National and International titles. To this day I am working hard to grow and evolve in my career. From performing on the stage, teaching/mentoring up and coming performers, working out on YouTube or live streaming on Kick. No matter where you find me, I love to entertain and I am always open to new and exciting opportunities.

Please feel free to visit my accolades page for a more comprehensive list of my accomplishments.

You can use my contact page for business inquiry's and booking Information.

Thanks so much, hope to entertain you soon!

                                                                                   Lady Sirène

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