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Burlesque & Fitness*
Lady Sirène  is  an award-winning 
Burlesque Artist and Feature Entertainer. She tours nationally enchanting her audiences with her hypnotic tease, sensual fire play and captivating aerial artistry.
She is also a YouTube Content Creator and Kick l
You can workout with Lady Sirene in your own time with her follow along workouts on her YouTube channel, as well as her free fitness programs, that you can find here .
If you want to get to know Lady Sirène even more be sure to catch her when she is live streaming. She loves to interact with chat. Her live streams are a true behind the scenes experience.

If you are curious to learn more about  Lady Sirene  you can visit her About page.
And if you would like to see all of the awards she has won be sure to visit her Accolades.

☆Don't forget to Check her Event schedule to see where you can catch Lady Sirène next.


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